Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Samir K. Sinha

The Best Medicine

The number of seniors in Canada will double over the next two decades. As the country grapples with the associated health care challenges, it will look to Dr. Samir Sinha, a recent addition to the Mount Sinai Hospital team.

A geriatrician, Dr. Sinha received his medical and postgraduate training in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. He is a Rhodes Scholar, and earned a Doctorate in Sociology giving him the unique ability to analyze complex health policy issues from medical and sociological perspectives.

Dr. Sinha was recruited from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to lead Mount Sinai Hospital's Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Strategy. This groundbreaking initiative gathers geriatric specialists in medicine, nursing, psychiatry and social work, among other fields, into one program to redefine how care can be best delivered for older patients and their families. Mount Sinai Hospital's new Ben and Hilda Katz Acute Care for Elders Unit opened in April.

"Mount Sinai's foresight and commitment to deliver the best geriatric medicine in an acute care setting brought me here," says Dr. Sinha. "The integrated continuum of care we are developing pinpoints patients' issues quickly and makes their experience as seamless and stress-free as possible, whether they require emergency, inpatient, outpatient or even care in their own homes."