Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Rebecca Gladdy

The Best Medicine

Recruited to Mount Sinai Hospital from New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 2008, Dr. Rebecca Gladdy is one of Canada's leading clinician-scientists focused on treating soft-tissue sarcomas—cancers of the connective tissue.

"I was thrilled to join Mount Sinai's sarcoma program because of its world-class team committed to providing comprehensive cancer care and researching better ways to treat patients," says Dr. Gladdy, a surgical oncologist.

The management of soft-tissue sarcomas involves radiation and surgery to remove the tumour, or standard chemotherapy. Unfortunately, 50 per cent of people with the illness do not survive.

"Our research can inform treatment," says Dr. Gladdy. "The goal is to stop tumours from growing so that recurrence is less common, provide patients with non-surgical options and develop better, less toxic therapies."

Dr. Gladdy has developed cell lines that can be used to assess molecular changes in tumours to better predict patient outcomes, and develop more sophisticated, targeted drugs.