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Dr. Lyle Palmer

The Best Medicine

Dr. Lyle Palmer moved from Western Australia last year to join the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (The Lunenfeld) and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, bringing his expertise in population health and genetics. As Executive Director of the Ontario Health Study (OHS), Dr. Palmer is leading a large-scale endeavour – the largest ever attempted - to assess the factors that influence a community's risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other common illnesses.

"This is a game changer and Mount Sinai is uniquely positioned to help lead the study," says Dr. Palmer. "We anticipate the results will change how we practise medicine, conduct research and turn research into clinical practice." The OHS is the first and largest of its kind in North America, and intends to recruit millions of Ontarians. Besides Mount Sinai Hospital, other leading centres have enlisted their population-health experts to make the study a transformative coup for medicine in Canada. "To really understand health and disease, we need to learn more about variation among individuals, the underlying causes and how this changes over time," says Dr. Palmer. "The OHS is a tremendous opportunity for us to devise better ways of keeping more people healthy."