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Dr. Frederick Roth

The Best Medicine

Dr. Frederick Roth was recruited to the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (The Lunenfeld) from Harvard Medical School, drawn by the opportunity to collaborate with internationally renowned experts and the availability of a massive amount of genetic information. "If we're going to cure disease, we have to understand the fundamental aspects of how proteins, cells and organisms function." says Dr. Roth

He brings world-renowned computational biology skills to his work alongside like-minded scientists in the Lunenfeld's Systems Biology Group and the University of Toronto's Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research.

Dr. Roth's lab develops new technology, such as a DNA sequencing technique that promises to significantly reduce the cost of sequencing a genome. He also creates methods of conducting large-scale experiments that allow researchers to zero in on the genes most likely to host the mutation they seek. "Our role in transforming medicine is in providing science with tools that prioritize disease genes, so that we and other researchers can focus on the ones most likely to impact human health."