Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Candice Silversides

The Best Medicine

To lead a world-class program, Mount Sinai Hospital called on one of Toronto's most respected cardiologists, Dr. Candice Silversides, who came to the Hospital to head Obstetric Medicine. Following her training at Harvard where she worked as a staff physician, Dr. Silversides returned to Toronto to head up the new program.

Obstetric Medicine, a component within the Medical Disorders of Pregnancy program, helps women with complex medical conditions have safe pregnancies.

"The number of leading medical specialists with expertise in the care of pregnant women at Mount Sinai is exceptional," says Dr. Silversides. "Obstetric Medicine is a relatively new and evolving field so this position offers me the opportunity to develop a program that is world-renowned."

Dr. Silversides' own specialty focuses on the care of pregnant women with heart disease. Pregnancy can put stress on the heart. Dr. Silversides studies ways to improve risk stratification and treatment of pregnant women with heart disease. She is also interested in the long-term effects of pregnancy on the heart.

"Mount Sinai will be the global leader in this field," says Dr. Silversides.