Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta

The Best Medicine

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta is an internationally renowned uro-oncologic surgeon specializing in treating cancers of the bladder and prostate. He was recruited to Mount Sinai Hospital from Brussels, Belgium. Among his many accomplishments, he was awarded the 2000 European Association of Urology Matula Award, which is given to the most promising European urologist under the age of 40.

“My passion lies in translating lab research into bedside improvements for patients,” says Dr. Zlotta. “There are still so many questions about the diagnosis and management of cancer that are looking for an answer.”

In addition to his clinical background, Dr. Zlotta has an extensive successful research career in both translational research and multi-institutional, international studies in prostate and bladder cancer. He leads the Bladder Cancer Research Program at Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto.

“The real opportunity for reducing bladder cancer mortality lies in screening and early detection,” says Dr. Zlotta. “The combination of clinical research expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for high quality research at Mount Sinai allows us to push the limits of cancer research further than previously experienced.”